Traveling a New Road

This official announcement has been a long time comin’ but we wanted a few more details confirmed before we shared our news with the FB world. So…we are in the process of adopting. To further explain the road to this decision, I’ve copied an email that we sent to family and a few close friends back in January of this year:

Dear Family & Friends,

Just wanted to update you on what God has been doing in our hearts & lives…

You all know that I had, at one time, pursued nursing school. God clearly led us in that direction and then He closed that door, allowing me only to peek every once in awhile at the possibility of returning. This past fall, we wondered again whether He was taking me down that road but He has made it clear that at this stage in life, becoming a nurse is simply not His best for us. Accepting this reality has been painful (and some of you know the depths of it!) but I am choosing to believe that God is FOR me and that surrendering this dream is the better option. We really are at peace with this closed door.

As if we didn’t have enough to sort through, Glendon & I have also been praying about adoption, more recently now than ever before. We have kept this increasing desire to ourselves (with the exception of a few), thinking that the possibility is so far down the road that we wonder whether it will ever become a reality. Our desire to provide a home for a child in need of one continues to grow and we want to be ready.

While we have been praying, Selah has been dreaming. Mind you, we have not said anything to the kiddos about this possibility but she had a vivid dream one night, in which we went to a “brown house and picked out four babies, 3 boys and 1 girl”. I tried to hide my surprise, fighting tears as she shared the details of “you and daddy picking out the babies”. She even had each child named! Now, I don’t read too much into her dreams because she also has dreams of foxes & coyotes in her room but this one was obviously more significant, especially in the timing of it. Perhaps God is preparing her. Perhaps God is using this as confirmation that we are being obedient to what He is calling us to do.

We recently chose an adoption agency and are now ready to take the next step of a homestudy & to complete all of the preliminary paperwork. God has refined the desire to adopt, more specifically, a newborn/infant with Down syndrome within the States. Most of you know of my desire to work with those with developmental disabilities (my favorite ministry at Camp Hebron and the main reason for my pursuit of nursing school) and most of you are familiar with Glendon’s unbelievably patient, gentle demeanor, both crucial characteristics in working with this beautiful population. We are looking forward to raising a child with these specific needs and yes, we’ve also considered the future implications for us, for Selah & Jude. We are aware (as much as we can be) of the affect this will have on our lives-and we are thrilled! We recognize that we will, in a different way from Selah & Jude, be “forever parents”. We are willing to take this step, regardless.

My heart breaks when I read stories of babies who are disposed of at birth because they have Down syndrome (and for other reasons!). We want to help provide these families with another option. We simply cannot turn our backs on these precious souls. God is calling us to this, to provide a loving home for at least one. The number of orphans available because of this specific syndrome is enough to send me into heaving sobs. And it has.

We don’t know what lies ahead for 2013 but we are confident in His faithful leading, timing, and direction. We covet your prayers as we travel this unexpected, new road! Thank you for the role you have played and continue to play in our lives.


Glendon & Katie
The latest news is that we have our home visit next Monday, April 22nd. In the meantime, we have registered with the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, a matching agency based in Ohio. We are in the process of setting up our family profile, which will be accessible to birth parents, allowing them to “see” us and gain a better glimpse of our lives. Our prayers now revolve around the birth family, our new baby, the timing of this beautiful addition, and the finances needed to bring our little one home.

We appreciate your prayers and support along the way.


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4 thoughts on “Traveling a New Road

  1. I’ve been praying about this ever since you mentioned it to me earlier in the year. I can’t tell you how amazing this testimony is and how it has impacted me. I can’t wait to see where God leads you in this. And I can’t wait to meet the newest Carper kiddo, God willing, one day. Praying that the Lord continues to open doors.

  2. wow, Katie! How beautiful!!!! I always thought I would have a child with Down’s because I have loved working and playing with these precious ones my entire life…I never even thought of the possibility of CHOOSING to be a parent to one of this precious population! I am stunned with joy and happiness for you, and will include this in my prayers! Love, Pam

  3. Praying for you all. What an exciting adventure you are starting. WE LOVE ADOPTION!!! Praying for the birth family who finds you. Praying that above all GOD is honored in this process!
    Can’t wait to see the sweet baby you get!

  4. Amie Settles on said:

    My heart is filled with such joy for your family! I will begin praying for your baby, and that God will coordinate all the details of your meeting!!!

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