It’s been over a year now since we were approved by the state of Pennsylvania to adopt. We expected to have a new little one with us by now. A little one in need of a home. A little one with an extra chromosome.

But here we are. One year later and our arms are empty of a sweet baby to hold.

And yet our hearts remain (mostly) full of hope, as we continue to wait, pray, and trust.

As I’ve had time to reflect on this May-to-May journey, I’m reminded of the wonderful gifts we’ve enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) while waiting to bring our baby home. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Time to spend with Selah and Jude. A new baby will be an adjustment for our little family of four and while we are preparing as best we can, we are also savoring this sweet time to pick up and go with our two older gifts.


Hiking in the Smokies~

  • Time to sleep. Let’s face it: newborns rob you of this precious commodity. For those of you who think newborns sleep just fine, well, you can just SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE. At this stage, any lack of sleep is a result of my foolish decision to stay up later than I should. My sleep pattern is not (yet) affected by the needs of a 7 pound bundle of joy.
  • Time to travel. An amazing turn of events allowed me to go to California this month to see my younger brother. What a treat to explore the beauty of the west coast with one of my favorite people! We had a refreshing, memorable visit. If Carper Kid #3 had arrived prior to my trip, I would not have been able to go or I would have gone anyway (because I would NOT waste that golden plane ticket), only to be plagued by guilt for not staying at home to help my dear husband wrangle two kiddos and a newborn.

DSCN5715 DSCN5726 DSCN5809

California trip: Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park; Hangin’ out with my amazing brother; Joshua Tree National Park

  • Time to complete projects at home. I’m a fan of anything DIY so I’m taking advantage of the time and space to re-organize, paint, re-purpose, scrapbook, and simplify our home. These tasks can be very difficult to accomplish while caring for a wee one. I’m thankful for the time and mental energy to grow creatively, whether crafting, writing, reading, or drawing.

008 042 067

A sampling of recent DIY projects~

  • Time to spend with Glendon. Many people told me that our first year of marriage would be the most difficult. While I don’t think we should speak such negativity to engaged couples, our first year was probably the toughest. Also, the third. And ninth. But whatever. This eleventh year however, has been wonderful. Since we began this adoption process, our marriage has grown in ways I didn’t expect. We are communicating more intentionally, laughing more frequently, and praying more fervently. We are thankful to be walking this sacred journey TOGETHER. No one else can fully understand the ache of our wait or the pain of rejection by birth families and no one will fully  understand the joy when we finally hold our baby. No one except Glendon can enter the intensity of those experiences. And the fact that my Love is thrilled to bring home a little cherub with an extra chromosome? I mean, really, I don’t know many guys who are excited about parenting a soul with special needs. He’s a rare gem, this one.


Goofin’ around while watching the sun rise over the Smoky Mountains~

So, instead of lamenting, “Ohmygoshwhydontwehaveourbabyyetwhatstakingsolong”, I am choosing (at least today), to accept the gift of time given to us these past twelve months. I look back on May 2013 through today and celebrate what our loving Guide has done in our hearts and in our family.

And if the wait continues another year, then (and only) by God’s grace, I will make the most of those precious days, too.










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3 thoughts on “Time

  1. Your comment made me chuckle out loud, Maddie! So good to hear that you are savoring this pre-parenting time with Blair. That IS a very special time as a married couple and we continue to pray for you guys as you anticipate the arrival of baby Ellie. Hugs from the northeast!

  2. Millie on said:

    You are also a rare gem my sweet Miss Kate and that is the very reason that God put the 2 of you together. This past year has been a roller coaster for me as well, being rushed to the ER the last day of April and then finding out that I am lucky to still be alive a few days later. It is strange and amazing to look back over this past year and see all the things that we wanted that didn’t happen and also to see the bigger things (life for me) and praise Him for all of it. Keep on trusting, being obedient, living your life and loving your family! Don’t ever forget that God is good always! And it is all His timing, not ours. There is a child out there with the last name of Carper and that child will be a blessing that you can not even imagine! All 3 of your children will grow in the assurance of God’s ever lasting love and peace.

  3. Maddie on said:

    Love it as always. Loved the “Shut your pie hole” I read that one out loud to Blair, he got a kick out of it too. We too have become covetous of our time together, knowing that soon it will change so much.
    (And about that first year of marriage thing….heck yes. So worth it, but Good Lord! There were times that I was like, seriously…seriously?)

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