A Different Kind of Thanks

In this season of expressing gratitude for the many gifts we’ve received this year, writing a letter to our son’s birth mom seemed a worthwhile endeavor:

Dear Friend,

Thank you for choosing life for your son. You had other options but you made the courageous and painful decision to birth him, knowing that you would not be the one to hold him, wipe his tears, hear him laugh, or watch him grow.

Thank you for choosing us to parent this tiny, male soul that you so carefully nurtured in your belly for 39 weeks.

Thank you for trusting us to love him well-not necessarily better or more than you love him. Just, well.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to meet with us before his birth so that we could all be at ease with each other.

Thank you for never giving us false hope and for keeping your word throughout this tumultuous process.

Thank you for the continual updates while you were in labor, for letting us know of his arrival, and for inviting us to be with you immediately after his birth.

Thank you for sharing with us the details of his first breath.

Thank you for giving us the honor of naming him. Samuel Creed, meaning “we believe that God has heard”, is an answer to 18 months of intense prayer and waiting.

Thank you for inviting us to meet his birth dad, grandma, and aunt. They were and continue to be unbelievably kind to us.

Thank you for taking an interest in our life story and in our journey to adopt.

Thank you for considering our feelings in this very emotional process.

Thank you for the tight hugs, the shared tears, and the willingness to taste both the bitter and the sweet of our lifelong connection with you.

May you always know how deeply grateful we are for you~

Glendon & Katie


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4 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Thanks

  1. Thank you, Beth! I appreciate your kind words.

  2. Jo Ann Sherbine on said:

    You are blessed in your ability to say “thank you”. We never had anyone to whom to say it … and I’m not sure I would have. You are a special treasure to me!

  3. Beautiful…simply beautiful…

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